March 21, 2003-Malmo – Sweden

In order to address the national issues of South Azerbaijan, we must first understand the significance of this nation’s history.  Since the time of the Khorramis, South Azerbaijan has had countless heroes who have fought for freedom and liberty.  Javanshir (7th century) and Babak (9th century), who fought for the sovereignty of this great land, are still remembered and regarded as national heroes.  We are proud of their historic struggle but the desire for liberty, justice, and freedom did not end with them.  In the twentieth century other leaders such as Sattar Khan, Shaykh Mohammad Khiyabani, and Pishavari made extraordinary strides towards democracy that are impossible to ignore.  But that is the past.  What about today- do we still have such heroes?

To answer this, we must look within the hearts and souls of this nation’s people.  The faith in freedom and liberty still endures inside every Azerbaijani.  This passion will impel our people to follow the path that was paved by the leaders of the past.  Our  goal is to reclaim and promote our identity, language, culture, and history.  The pursuit of this endeavor lies in our ability to fight the anti-democratic forces that have imposed negative assimilation upon our culture and the elimination of our national identity.  Our faith in this concept will motivate us to peacefully confront these issues without aggression toward anybody or any nation.

Our victory should not come with violence, but simply by promoting our culture and history.  It is an intolerable disgrace that more than thirty million Azerbaijanis in Iran neither have the right to education in their own language nor to produce any type of Azerbaijani media.  Iran is comprised of several nationalities and Azerbaijanis make up over fifty percent of the country’s population.  Unfortunately, due to economic pressures and unfair treatment in the last century, a great number of these people have left Azerbaijan and migrated to other regions of Iran to escape the civil injustices imposed upon their territory.  In recent years, it has become apparent that the people of Azerbaijan have recognized that solidarity is the key to achieving national freedom, and this is our goal.  Our mission is to protect the rights of every individual living within the historic territory of Azerbaijan.  This includes the right to vote and self-determination under the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and to establish self-governing national institutions including legislative, executive, and judicial branches.

Ultimate power shall be vested in our people and the future will be in their hands.  We have formed the Azerbaijan National Front (AZNF) to unite the voices of our people.  The following twelve articles represent the AZNF’s principle ideologies:

1. We are committed to achieving the political, social, and national goals of Azerbaijanis living in South Azerbaijan and other territories of Iran; all within accepted democratic and civil norms.

2. We are committed to fostering Azerbaijan’s social and cultural development while aligning with other organizations and institutions striving toward similar goals.

3. We are committed to working with organizations around the world that believe in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and its implementation.

4. We are committed to establishing Azerbaijani Turkic as the official language of South Azerbaijan and supporting the practice of language and cultural activities for all ethnicities living within the historic territory of South Azerbaijan regardless of their population.

5. We are committed to establishing and providing Azerbaijani Turkic education in all educational institutions within the entire country.  Given the population of Azerbaijanis within Iran, all forms of media shall promote correct language, honest history, and the true culture of Azerbaijan.

6. We are committed to creating a safe economic environment for investment, trade, industry and other development opportunities in South Azerbaijan.  By providing a secure and prosperous economic environment, we will facilitate the return of many Azerbaijanis to their homeland.

7. We are committed to promoting freedom of thought, expression, and media to achieve liberty, social justice, and national self-determination.

8. We are committed to prioritizing the social and cultural traditions of Azerbaijan through educational and social means in an effort to regain our national identity.

9. We are committed to promoting the health and well being of our people by building adequate infrastructure.  This includes building dams and roads, protecting national parks, cleaning the environment, promoting agricultural and animal farms, and providing education, health care and other social services. Our goal is to elevate the standard of living, preserve our land, and create employment for our people.

10. We are committed to supporting democracy and respect for human rights in South Azerbaijan and other parts of Iran.

11. We are committed to supporting Iranian Parliament legislature in agreement with our principles.

12. We are committed to bringing together all Azerbaijanis who accept these principles and believe in our historic past and future prosperity.


Regardless of your political beliefs, the AZNF invites you to join us in supporting this Proclamation in order to achieve the national goals of South Azerbaijan.

Representatives of Founding Consul:

Alireza  Nazmi Afshar (USA)
Amir  Amir Aslani (USA)
Younes  Kahouri (Sweden)
Mir Mussa  Hashemi (Sweden)

March 21, 2003
Malmo, Sweden

0046 73 651 9792 (Sweden)
001 209 606 2947 (USA)

0046 40 912 260 (Sweden)
001 209 523 8639 (USA)